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  1. Commonly Charged White Collar Fraud Crimes

  2. Drug and Narcotics Crimes

  3. Don’t Blink: Ever-Changing Marijuana-Cannabis Law, Medicinal and Recreational

  4. Organized Crime Laws and the Evolution of Crime Organizations

  5. Reproductive Rights, Contraception & Abortion

  6. American Legal History, 1787 to present

  7. When America First Saw Color, 1619 to present

  8. Guns, Muskets & AK-47s: Second Amendment Issues

  9. The First Amendment has Six Clauses: Do you know them all?

  10. Anti-Discrimination Laws, Masterpiece Cake, Before & After

  11. Sexual Assault Crimes & Reporting 

  12. Legal Ethics: Disclosure Rules

  13. Crime Victims' Rights under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act

  14. Prosecutorial Misconduct

  15. Remember the Statute of Limitations

  16. Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLATs)

  17. Search Warrants and Legal Challenges

  18. Introduction to Legal Writing & Legal Writing for Foreign Law Practitioners

  19. Introduction to American Law

  20. Law & Legal Documents as Literature

  21. Impeachment in America

  22. Opening Statements: Make Them Sing

  23. Closing Arguments: Save All the “So” Questions for Closing

  24. Cross-Examination from the Trenches

  25. Direct Examination: Tie it Around Themes and Documents

  26. Pass the Bar: Study Better and Write Smart

  27. The History of Immigration and the Prosecution of Immigrants in America

  28. Rights of the First People: Indigenous People in America

  29. Public Service and Public Interest Law

  30. Comparing the French and American Legal Systems

These, and other presentations, are available in person or online via webinar platform.

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