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Where in America is marijuana still entirely illegal?

Werner-Simon in Marijuana Business Daily, March 24, 2021, Three States and One Territory where it’s Doubly Illegal Where in America is marijuana still entirely illegal?

Fewer than 7 million of America’s 335 million inhabitants live in places without some degree of marijuana legalization.

The remainder possess three degrees of legalization. There are 11 third-degree states (depicted in yellow in the pyramid illustration above) with severely limited-access (SLA) programs covering a population just shy of 90 million people.

There are also 20 other states and two territories (Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) that are exclusively second-degree medical-use regimes (shown in blue) and which have a total population of almost 118 million residents.

Finally, there are more than 120 million inhabitants in the 16 first-degree states and territories (the green area in the pyramid), of which all have legalized recreational marijuana use and also have coexisting medical use (second-degree) status.


Authored by Werner-Simon

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