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Becoming a modern day Harriet Tubman on the Overground Reproductive Railroad

WLALA's May 10, 2022 Roe Zoom Forum On May 10, 2022, just days after Justice Alito's leaked opinion in Dobbs was published in Politico, WLALA held a Zoom forum to answer member concerns about the impending end of Roe v.Wade. There were over 50 attendees. The Zoom participants came up with a variety of suggestions as to (i) what to do while awaiting the final opinion in the Dobbs case and (ii) what to do after. Several of the lawyers discussed wanting to travel across state lines to help out-of-staters access California's reproductive care. Some were concerned about bar licensure repercussions for participating in conduct that is actionable in another state (e.g. Texas' SB 8) but legal and/or permissible in California. Participants were asked to report back to WLALA. One of our members did the research and presented her follow-up to WLALA in a local legal newspaper. The member's article was published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal on May 25, 2022. It encourages California lawyers to "Become Modern Day Harriet Tubmans on the Overground Reproductive Railroad.
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